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Started by an SCM change

Building remotely on debian8-ws (linux debian8) in workspace /jenkins/workspace/wwiv53

> git rev-parse --is-inside-work-tree # timeout=10

Fetching changes from the remote Git repository

> git config remote.origin.url # timeout=10

Fetching upstream changes from

> git --version # timeout=10

> git fetch --tags --progress +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*

> git rev-parse refs/remotes/origin/wwiv53^{commit} # timeout=10

> git rev-parse refs/remotes/origin/origin/wwiv53^{commit} # timeout=10

Checking out Revision 670ce83b5818d1db86c81bef718445da0ebf0c4b (refs/remotes/origin/wwiv53)

> git config core.sparsecheckout # timeout=10

> git checkout -f 670ce83b5818d1db86c81bef718445da0ebf0c4b

Commit message: "Only use fake mailer mode on telnet connections"

> git rev-list --no-walk 6b8f0e14f40f76e722590c8eb57691fc3fc21c23 # timeout=10

> git remote # timeout=10

> git submodule init # timeout=10

> git submodule sync # timeout=10

> git config --get remote.origin.url # timeout=10

> git submodule init # timeout=10

> git config -f .gitmodules --get-regexp ^submodule\.(.+)\.url # timeout=10

> git config --get submodule.deps/my_basic.url # timeout=10

> git config -f .gitmodules --get submodule.deps/my_basic.path # timeout=10

> git submodule update --init --recursive deps/my_basic

> git config --get submodule.deps/pdcurses.url # timeout=10

> git config -f .gitmodules --get submodule.deps/pdcurses.path # timeout=10

> git submodule update --init --recursive deps/pdcurses

> git config --get submodule.deps/cereal.url # timeout=10

> git config -f .gitmodules --get submodule.deps/cereal.path # timeout=10

> git submodule update --init --recursive deps/cereal

> git config --get submodule.deps/cctz.url # timeout=10

> git config -f .gitmodules --get submodule.deps/cctz.path # timeout=10

> git submodule update --init --recursive deps/cctz

> git config --get submodule.deps/abseil-cpp.url # timeout=10

> git config -f .gitmodules --get submodule.deps/abseil-cpp.path # timeout=10

> git submodule update --init --recursive deps/abseil-cpp

> git config --get submodule.deps/googletest.url # timeout=10

> git config -f .gitmodules --get submodule.deps/googletest.path # timeout=10

> git submodule update --init --recursive deps/googletest

> git config --get submodule.deps/benchmark.url # timeout=10

> git config -f .gitmodules --get submodule.deps/benchmark.path # timeout=10

> git submodule update --init --recursive deps/benchmark

IRC notifier plugin: [ERROR] not connected. Cannot send message to '#wwiv'

Triggering wwiv53 » debian8

Triggering wwiv53 » debian9

Triggering wwiv53 » windows

Triggering wwiv53 » centos7

wwiv53 » debian8 completed with result SUCCESS

wwiv53 » debian9 completed with result SUCCESS

wwiv53 » windows completed with result SUCCESS

wwiv53 » centos7 completed with result SUCCESS

IRC notifier plugin: Sending notification to: #wwiv

IRC notifier plugin: [ERROR] not connected. Cannot send message to '#wwiv'

Triggering a new build of wwiv53_test

Finished: SUCCESS