1. Initial cut of wwivutil net send command. (details)
Commit 4a2fc4600967598f8676e19f9b0355fcb791d5d3 by rushfan
Initial cut of wwivutil net send command.

This command will send the last few posts to another system. The
command line arguments are modeled closely from those used by
The file was modifiedwwivutil/net/net.cpp (diff)
The file was addedwwivutil/net/send.h
The file was modifiedsdk/net/packets.cpp (diff)
The file was modifiedwwivutil/net/req.cpp (diff)
The file was addedwwivutil/net/send.cpp
The file was modifiednetdocs/network_tech.txt (diff)
The file was modifiedwwivutil/CMakeLists.txt (diff)
The file was modifiedsdk/net/packets.h (diff)