1. Check ACS on menusets, and only show ones that are available. (commit: c1b64a4) (details)
Commit c1b64a4422802b32924e2abc11e3cc4a915c72bc by rushfan
Check ACS on menusets, and only show ones that are available.

This allows a sysop to confgure the menusets with ACS like:
user.screenwidth > 80 or user.screenwidth <=80, etc.

Also a few fixes and changes:
* Fixed wwivconfig not showing 1st menu item.
* Fixed wwivconfig deleting the menu item instead of moving it when
  using the (M)ove command for menu items
* Added ability to edit menuset acs.
* WWIV will loop while trying to select a menu if none can be
  loaded when a caller logs on, vs. failing after one attempt
  if the ACS isn't valid and logging the caller off.
* Small fixes for the default menusets.
* Deleted menuwel.ans, added color to menuwel.msg
* Fixed |{msg...} type pipe expressions and other context
  based pipe expressions so they work properly with python style
  string formatting (i.e. ">25")
(commit: c1b64a4)
The file was modifiedcommon/pipe_expr.cpp (diff)
The file was modifiedwwivconfig/menus.cpp (diff)
The file was modifiedbbs/menus/mainmenu.cpp (diff)
The file was modifiedinstall/gfiles/smbmain.msg (diff)
The file was modifiedinstall/gfiles/menuwel.msg (diff)
The file was modifiedinstall/menus/wwiv/qwk.mnu.json (diff)
The file was modifiedinstall/menus/wwiv/main.mnu.json (diff)
The file was modifiedinstall/gfiles/yourinfo.msg (diff)
The file was modifiedbbs/menus/mainmenu.h (diff)
The file was removedinstall/gfiles/menuwel.ans